2016 Sprint 4 Thread

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Contains stand ups, review, retrospective, etc for fourth sprint of 2016.

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RE: 2016 Sprint 4 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Pre-week 1 commitments

  • J
    • Will do - finally finish HW-10 (and then pronounce HW-11) and order pedals for BIZ-20 (time permitting will chat with potential web consultant)
  • Bryan
    • Will do - BIZ-28 (logos, etc consultant) and BIZ-24 (Dragons) conversations; and get dev env up and running for HW-23

RE: 2016 Sprint 4 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Week 1 stand up

  • J
    • Did - HW-10/HW-11 (we have a sensor/magnet pair), BIZ-20 (order the high quality pedals), started conversation with web consultant for BIZ-27/BIZ 30, and bonus did HW-22 (adjust cadence over serial) in fact developed an entire serial protocol and implemented it so all configurable options (enabled, trigger cadence, logging, status query) are all available over serial
    • Will do - start HW-12 by prototyping sensor modules from the hall effect sensor, LED (to indicate activity), required resistors, hook up wire, and phone line jacks (just this one more time) so I have a module I can connect to arduino that is all one piece; would like to pair up on fritzing files for what we have and know so we can generate BoM(s) and get BIZ-23 (order parts) done before next stand up; will also try to lock in consultant for BIZ-27/BIZ-30
    • Blocked? - need fritzing/BoM(s) so we can order parts!!
  • Bryan
    • Did - BIZ-24 (started talking to Dragons), BIZ-28 is under way, dev env is installed and code is checked out for HW-23
    • Will do - HW-23 (app side of serial communication), continue working on BIZ-28, and pair up with J for BIZ-23
    • Blocked? - none

RE: 2016 Sprint 4 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Just going to leave this here as it is relevant to our work on Fri night - http://makezine.com/2016/06/28/what-shape-of-led-should-i-use-for-my-project/

RE: 2016 Sprint 4 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

And since we will be working on web content (while we are not SaaS, it still might be helpful) - https://www.process.st/startup-landing-pages/

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Week 2 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - prepped for HW-23, got a quote for BIZ-27 and BIZ-30
    • Will do - will order parts for HW-23 tonight, will send quote for BIZ-27 and BIZ-30, and HW-12 (update to use new sensors)
    • Blocked? - just overbooked
  • Bryan
    • Did - some work done on the serial protocol for the app side of comms, but not as much as planned; helped with HW-23 and looked into case options
    • Will do - should finish HW-21 and will try out one of the most promising case options
    • Blocked? - have company coming in this weekend, so going to lose some time

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Week 3 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - Ordered, received, and packaged all parts (confirming all orders); sent the quote over for web and mailing list, did not do much more work on HW-12 (update the firmware code for the new sensors); complete rewrote the BOM and posted it to the wiki
    • Will do - file one more expense report for digikey because shipping cost was missing, will start assembling units from parts (plan to just solder all of the boards) and will document build steps (draft level)
    • Blocked? - time is real short right now for me because of other things
  • Bryan
    • Did - not quite finished with HW-21 (have done this before and going to leverage that experience); getting close, have three issues: using the CLI tool to send updated firmware to the feather (still no fix there), formatting the I/O over the serial line (not hard, but has to be done) but it is already sending/receiving messages, and final clean up on how we are talking to the COM port
    • Will do - wrap up HW-21 and catch up on the expense reports/accounting and look at how the CC payments work in the ERP system
    • Blocked? - not especially

Note, next two weeks we will move stand ups to Tuesdays instead of Thursdays to address conflicts.

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Week 4 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - wrote 50% of new assembly instructions nd assembled 1/3 of tasks for all three units
    • Will do - finish docs, if possible finish builds
    • Blocked? - Apogee prep. Over committed there so have to give most of my attention to those commitments
  • Bryan
    • Did - finished HW 21 but still working on the firmware update, did not do ERP stuff
    • Will do - fix firmware flashing, erp, pay cc, webserver, and work with logo contractor, BIZX 24
    • Blocked? - personal travel may interfere with things

RE: 2016 Sprint 4 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Week 5 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - nothing
    • Will do - nothing
    • Blocked? - Mach 30 commitments trump this week and next
  • Bryan
    • Did - worked on the firmware flashing, ran into some unexpected changes that need to be addressed, found out what the firmware flash needed; ERP account got dropped from provider (have requested restoration), sent email to web contractor about what we need for the webserver setup, worked with logo contractor
    • Will do - finish fixing the firmware flashing, ping web contractor, try to work on the survey some
    • Blocked? - ERP system fiasco

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Week 6 Stand Up

Did - nothing
Will do - nothing
Blocked? - Mach 30 commitments trump this week and next
Did - Mostly finalized logo work for holoseat, worked with web contractor and got them started, mostly worked out flashing, but having an odd issue that may be Windows 10 related. ERP account still MIA, but awaiting feedback this week. Either way going to have to move off that software.
Will do - Continue to try to work out last couple bugs in the firmware flashing, keep following up with web contractor, try to work on the survey some, Work out business card design
Blocked? - ERP system fiasco continues

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Sprint 4 Review

Claiming Done

  • HW-11
  • BIZ-20
  • BIZ-23
  • BIZ-22
  • BIZ-24
  • BIZ-19
  • BIZ-27
  • HW-10
  • BIZ-30
  • BIZ-17
  • BIZ-26
  • BIZ-28
  • HW-12
  • HW-22
  • BIZ-25
  • BIZ-31
  • BIZ-21
  • HW-02
  • HW-23
  • BIZ-16
  • HW-01
  • HW-21
  • BIZ-15
  • BIZ-18
  • BIZ-11
  • HW-07
  • HW-18
  • BIZ-12
  • HW-17
  • HW-16
  • HW-19
  • HW-15
  • HW-03
  • HW-06
  • HW-20
  • HW-04
  • HW-05
  • BIZ-33

Other Notes

  • BIZ-29 - print any required things: OBE (decided against signage, biz cards, etc)
  • BIZ-32 - create updated demo video: intentionally delayed (wanted to see what kind of footage we would get out of demos at Con)
  • TL;DR - we basically got everything accomplished (though a few things were wrapped up at Con on the first day)


What we did well?

  • Got a lot done in 8 weeks (especially given conflicting schedules)
  • Made very good use of our limited time during the sprint
  • Did a great job planning the sprint (amount and selected PBIs)
    • J - that might have something to do with applying the user stories to our process
    • Bryan - ditto, critical to Con going well
  • The resulting hardware came out great!
    • Bryan - thinks the quality of the hardware is a result of the testing done in earlier sprints
  • The desktop software worked! (we were worried for a while)
  • We did a good job with the demos and presentations at Con
    • J - note that we came up with a demo/surveys target number at the last minute and hit it
  • We were very well received at Con
  • 8 week long sprint worked well (do that for the next sprint)

What didn't go well?

  • Not having games/computers to demo on (especially making sure there were offline games to demo on)
  • Did not do as well as hoped in the distributed builds of the demo rigs
  • Had to do final assembly of demo rigs at the Con
  • Turns out we needed biz cards
  • J spent the whole Con trying not to get sicker
  • Holoseat kind of ate up time at Con (not really complaining, but need to address this in scheduling); aka, victims of our own success
  • Hard to give demos and take video at the same time
  • The tables were too short for holoseat

What can we do better next time?

  • Bring complete demo hardware (PCs, games - including offline only games, holoseats, deal with table height - maybe bring PVC leg extenders, etc)
  • Set metric based goals for events before we get there
  • Should consider bringing a display setup to Con next year as well
  • Should consider looping in volunteers to run some of the demos
  • We should have a dedicated photo/video person
  • Carry over from previous sprint
    • Bryan will spend more time studying the arduino libraries and examples to get up to speed on that platform -> this is a specific variation of "Make sure to fully process tutorials and documentation for new modules we are using (old but relevant)"
    • Account better for external time commitments (personal life, work, etc) (old but relevant)