Technical documentation

Bill of Materials

09/03/2013 11:51 am

This Bill of Materials (BOM) covers all of the specific electrical and mechanical components that are required to fabricate one EKG Pre-Amplifier unit. The BOM covers every resistor, IC, switch, enclosure piece, mounting hardware, etc. that you need to buy in order to build one of these units.

Assembly Steps

09/03/2013 11:57 am

The Assembly Steps document covers the steps that you should follow (in order) to populate the EKG Pre-Amplifier printed circuit board (using parts from the BOM), and combine that PCB with the enclosure to make a functional unit.

This document needs to be used in conjunction with the PCB prints (Top/Bottom Mechanical + Silkscreen) and the BOM (Bill of Materials), the schematic prints, and any available mechanical stack-up drawings. You will also want to reference any manufacturer's drawings or datasheets of the mechanical components (which are linked to in the BOM) to understand how the mounting hardware works. ...

Original Design Files

09/04/2013 11:04 pm

These are the original design files the V1 release of the EKG Pre-Amplifier electronics.

EKG-PreAmp.sch is the EAGLE Schematic Capture File (SCH). This is the raw design file that you can use to directly modify the circuit and its function. EKG-PreAmp.pcb is the Printed Circuit Board File (PCB). This file contains the layout information associated with the schematic. If you like the circuit but don't like the component placement, you'll want to directly modify the PCB file. Finally, parts.lbr is the EAGLE parts library file. This file contains all of the information (symbol and footprint) for the components that are used in the EKG Pre-Amplifier. If you like a part you see, you can copy parts from this library for your use.