Implementation of Mach 30 ground station prototypes optimized to listen to "tweets" from space broadcast by Southern Stars CubeSat the SkyCube.

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Update for LNA production (20 comments)
The 20dB gain LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) is critical to the receive sensitivity of Ground Sphere, making the difference between a trace of a signal and AX-25 decode.
Added by Aaron Harper over 9 years ago

Testing update for Prototype 1 (5 comments)
Added by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

RTL-SDR Dongle in Linux (15 comments)
I wanted to get a better idea of how the dongle gain was manipulated through software. To do this I first got rtl-sdr and SDRSharp running on my Linux machine.
Added by Jeremy Wright over 9 years ago

SkyCube Launch Delayed (24 comments)
Added by J. Simmons almost 10 years ago

Update from Tim (3 comments)
Lots of news on SkyCube and NPS cubesats
Added by J. Simmons almost 10 years ago

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