Tunnelling current amplifier redesign

Added by Andrew Starr over 10 years ago

After discovering the LT6350 single-ended to differential voltage converter IC, I decided to convert the tunnelling current amplifier to differential output. This should improve noise immunity, which is crucial since I intend using an 18-bit A/D converter to digitise this signal at the main controller. I have further decided to omit the high-frequency signal recovery section of the amplifier and implement this functionality in firmware (assuming adequate performance from the A/D). This simplifies the amplifier and reduces the amount of 'hand tweaking' of the amplifier response.

I may also convert the bias voltage controller to differential (differential output from the main controller, converted to single-ended at the STM). This should reduce the susceptibility of the bias voltage to external noise pickup, and by moving the D/A converter to the main controller, reduce by 3 the number of wires going to the STM.


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