Requirements review

Added by J. Simmons about 10 years ago

Howdy all. Here is the initial draft of the Ground Sphere Requirements Document based on the approved answers to the Initial Questions. Please leave comments on the requirements in this thread. I would like to lock them in by the end of the week (Fri Nov 1, 2013). Thanks!

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RE: Requirements review - Added by Jeremy Wright about 10 years ago

  • Why limit the kit assembly time to 60 minutes? Why not 90?
  • I understand the reasons why only Windows will be supported, but I'm still concerned about how it may limit the user base. There's not much that can be done about it within the timeline though.
  • Is TR 1.5 really a technical requirement? Seems a little project requirement-ish to me.
  • PR 1.1 - Our unspoken standard had been to use a small v in versions, i.e. v1.0.

RE: Requirements review - Added by J. Simmons about 10 years ago

  • The 60 minutes value was partly a straw man value (needed something we could discuss) and partly a reflection of what I felt "easy" looked like in terms of time (more than an hour starts to border on the somewhat complex). I would be more than open to discussing alternate values and reasons for them.
  • Again, this is for the v1.0 kit and for the SkyCube specific ground station. Clearly we need to circle back around after delivering the initial round of kits and expand the support. Note, I just discovered last night that GPredict is not fully supported on Macs (you have to use the "ports" system to compile it locally, no installer or support for native OS X APIs).
  • TR 1.5 is definitely a little broken. But I think that is more about my failure to come up with a metric for robustness to include in the requirement vs. it being more of a project requirement. Ideally we could test the robustness to ensure the kit meets the required standards so it will last beyond only a few uses.
  • Version number was a typo. It has been fixed.

RE: Requirements review - Added by Aaron Harper almost 11 years ago

  • With the completed parts kit, I can't see how it would take more than 30, but building the kit components from scratch may take quite a bit more, and some specialized equipment like a drill press and equipment to efficiently deal with SMD circuits.
  • I am considering this a hardware project for the most part. Southern Stars is prime on software dev, so what OS they support is largely their business. That said, the original software for the GS001 ground station and other open source SDR software will work with this project without modification.
  • I do have some questions about what is specifically meant by "robust". GS001 was just a proof of concept, so little thought was given to making it durable. Anything hitting production will be built to handle a limited amount of punishment.