Aerodynamics Card Storming

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1 4 Matt Maier
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2 7 Greg Moran
3 1 J. Simmons
h1. Aerodynamics Card Storming
4 1 J. Simmons
5 1 J. Simmons
h2. Unsorted list of ideas
6 1 J. Simmons
7 1 J. Simmons
* Wind Tunnel Projects (a'la the Shepard Test Stand)
8 9 Matt Maier
** The CCL mentions wind tunnels. 
9 9 Matt Maier
** 9B005 is for the controls/instruments "_9B005 On-line (real time) control systems, instrumentation (including sensors) or automated data acquisition and processing equipment, specially designed for use with any of the following wind tunnels or devices (see List of Items Controlled)_"
10 9 Matt Maier
** 9B105 is for the wind tunnel itself "_9B105 Wind tunnels for speeds of Mach 0.9 or more, usable for "missiles" and their subsystems_"
11 9 Matt Maier
12 15 J. Simmons
13 2 Matt Maier
* survey all of the rocket aerodynamics software and rank by utility, ease-of-use, and openness
14 10 Matt Maier
** since it's just a survey of what's already available any export control issues will already be known
15 5 J. Simmons
* port J's masters thesis on fin flutter analysis/optimization to open source tools
16 10 Matt Maier
** since it's already public domain I don't forsee a problem
17 5 J. Simmons
* parametric #CodeCAD models of fins (suitable for 3D printing, milling, and drafting)
18 10 Matt Maier
** the USML Category IV (rockets & launch vehicles) says that any rocket parts are controlled
19 10 Matt Maier
** "_(h) All specifically designed or modified components, parts, accessories, attachments, and associated equipment for the articles in this category. (i) Technical data..._"
20 10 Matt Maier
21 10 Matt Maier
** but if we just copy things that are already in the public domain, like out of a textbook, it should be fine
22 11 Matt Maier
** also, since hobby/high-power rockets are exempt, the parts for those should be fine
23 6 Greg Moran
* Practice/document manufacturing processes for aero structures, hotwire for foam, cutting balsa for fins, 3D printing, etc
24 11 Matt Maier
** ** the USML Category IV (rockets & launch vehicles) says that any manufacturing information is also controlled
25 11 Matt Maier
** "_(i) ...Technical data directly related to the manufacture or production of any defense articles enumerated elsewhere in this category that are designated as Significant Military Equipment (SME) shall itself be designated SME._"
26 11 Matt Maier
27 11 Matt Maier
** since hobby/high-power rockets are exempt, the manufacturing information for those should be fine
28 6 Greg Moran
* Build a computing cluster
29 12 Matt Maier
** I didn't find anything in the CCL or USML, but I might not know what words to search for
30 6 Greg Moran
* Make the computing cluster opt-in (from donated hardware/time)
31 12 Matt Maier
** I did find this thing (.pdf) which says that providers of cloud computing services are not exporters
32 12 Matt Maier
33 6 Greg Moran
* Study/research impact of surface finish on aerodynamic surfaces
34 13 Matt Maier
** not sure. this kind of thing could get captured simply because it's a "part" of something controlled
35 6 Greg Moran
* Research/study aerodynamic “fixes” (like trip lines, vortex generators, etc)
36 13 Matt Maier
** I'm not clear on what this is
37 6 Greg Moran
* Visualization tools/processes for aerodynamic phenomenon/flows (smoke, pressure sensitive paint, streamers, Schlieren)
38 13 Matt Maier
** Not clear on this
39 14 J. Simmons
** Resource links here -
40 6 Greg Moran
* Scaled composites style wind tunnel by “car/truck”
41 13 Matt Maier
** is this the one where we put a funnel on a truck and drive really fast instead of powering a stationary wind tunnel?
42 13 Matt Maier
** probably just counts as a windtunnel; see first comment
43 6 Greg Moran
* How fast of a wind tunnel is reasonable to build?
44 12 Matt Maier
** This will have at least two dimensions
45 12 Matt Maier
*** what does physics say
46 12 Matt Maier
*** what does EC law say
47 6 Greg Moran
* Design processes for wind tunnels by target regime
48 13 Matt Maier
** if this is just summarizing stuff out of textbooks it won't be a problem
49 6 Greg Moran
* How to’s for wind tunnel analysis (things like dealing with Reynold’s number etc to properly scale test articles)
50 12 Matt Maier
** we can probably get that out of some textbooks, so no EC problems
51 6 Greg Moran
* Using other “tricks/hacks” to do wind tunnel style tests (UAVs, mounting to model rockets, etc) <- expands the car idea above
52 13 Matt Maier
** probably the same as the other wind tunnels
53 13 Matt Maier
** it would be interesting to see if we could get around the mach restrictions on wind tunnels by dropping an unpowered funnel out of the sky. Maybe it's not technically a wind tunnel if it's unpowered.
54 6 Greg Moran
* Software tools for aero stability (not controls or guidance)
55 13 Matt Maier
** hard to figure out the right words to differentiate
56 13 Matt Maier
** this kind of software could easily get wrapped up in a catch-all, like if it's "used to operate"
57 6 Greg Moran
* Laboratory measurement software and equipment, especially distributed viewers of a test to remote locations
58 13 Matt Maier
** this is probably okay as long as it doesn't do anything special
59 6 Greg Moran
* Research/study impact and limits on externally mounted features (like antennas, etc) on aerodynamic performance (flow perturbation analysis)
60 8 J. Simmons
** see NACA Aerodynamic DB (subsonic), see NASA for supersonic
61 8 J. Simmons
** can document how to use sources like that including doing a flight test with a model rocket
62 6 Greg Moran
* Hydro tunnel projects
63 13 Matt Maier
** I'm not sure if this counts as a wind tunnel; probably does
64 6 Greg Moran
* Cheat sheet/booklet/software for aerodynamic calculations (Cd/Cl build up to go from design to rough estimate of total Cd/Cl)
65 13 Matt Maier
** this would be fine
66 13 Matt Maier
** also, it probably already exists
67 6 Greg Moran
* Add ability to include environmental impact (rain, fog, etc) to wind tunnel to test performance under all weather conditions
68 13 Matt Maier
** I haven't seen anything that cares if the wind tunnel can do extreme environments
69 13 Matt Maier
** this might be a way to make a low mach number wind tunnel useful
70 6 Greg Moran
* Aerodynamic analysis/design of a stable recovery system for payload module in case of vehicle failure (no thrusters or parachutes, like a seed pod)
71 13 Matt Maier
** it seems like this would be inherently separate from rockets and launch vehicles, since it would be a payload
72 13 Matt Maier
** the USML Category VIII (a) covers things that specifically drop military equipment
73 13 Matt Maier
** "_(a) Aircraft, including but not limited to helicopters, non-expansive balloons, drones, and lighter-than-air aircraft, which are specifically designed, modified, or equipped for military purposes. This includes but is not limited to the following military purposes:...cargo carrying or dropping, personnel dropping..._"
74 13 Matt Maier
** the CCL specifically says that section in the USML applies to parachutes
75 13 Matt Maier
** "_9A018...Related Controls: (a) Parachute systems designed for use in dropping military equipment, braking military aircraft, slowing spacecraft descent, or retarding weapons delivery; AND (b)Instrument flight trainers for combat simulation are subject to the export licensing authority of the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls. (See 22 CFR part 121, Category VIII.) _"
76 6 Greg Moran
* Investigate using OpenVSP for model/high power rocket design/layout
77 13 Matt Maier
** should be fine since it's for exempt rockets
78 6 Greg Moran
* Extend analysis of aero stability and aero characteristics software and calcs to include subsonic, transonic, and supersonic regimes
79 13 Matt Maier
** that will probably be controlled; I've seen several places where various mach numbers are important
80 13 Matt Maier
** but there is already a lot of stuff in textbooks, so we could probably gather all of that up
81 6 Greg Moran
* Investigation of aerodynamic mechanisms (glider wings, canard fins, etc)
82 13 Matt Maier
** this doesn't seem specific enough
83 6 Greg Moran
* Simulate/study aero-structural analysis (include aeroelasticity, etc)
84 13 Matt Maier
** I don't know enough about this to say