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J. Simmons, 06/15/2012 03:35 pm

Meeting 1 - Initial Questions: Jun 15, 2012


Mach 30: J., Jeremy
Adler: Ken


Start: 1000 CDT


  • Introductions
  • Orientation
  • Initial Questions


  • Introductions
    • went around the room and did introductions
  • Orientation
    • Ground Rules
    • Over all process
      • Initial Questions
      • Requirements (to be done by Mach 30 tonight)
      • Block Diagram
      • Detailed design
      • Design Review
  • Initial Questions
    • Q1. Why are we making this?
      • Ken - Big picture goal was to build up to developing CubeSats. Seemed like a reasonable first step. Adler received help from the guy who literally wrote the book on High Altitude Balloons. Has the added benefit of providing educational opportunities to practice near space missions with students and enthusiasts. Adler also wants to inspire the community to "take back space exploration" - use amateur efforts to move space exploration forward.
      • Jeremy - ditto
      • J - ditto
    • Q2. Who is this for?
      • Ken - Schools (and School Clubs), students, (getting more people involved is better), Boy Scouts, and now Makers and Maker Spaces. The first step is to provide payload opportunities, but the goal is to get groups the experience to be able to fly their own missions.
      • J - wants to echo support for including Makers and Maker Spaces in the list of who this is for.
      • Ken - Plugging into schools is a natural fit for Adler because they have a large education department and the ties to the educational community that come with that. Ken is very excited to have the opportunity to share Far Horizons with the Maker community.
    • Q3. How will this be used?
    • Q4. What features does it need to have (now)?
    • Q5. What features does it need to have (later)?
    • Q6. What are the legacy requirements?
    • Q7. Who's going to build this?
    • Q8. How many do we want to make?
    • Q9. What is the budget?
    • Q10. What is the timeline?
    • Q11. What waste products will be produced by the manufacture and/or operation of this?

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