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h1. BOM v1.0
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Flight Vehicle v1.0
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|Mach 30 Part #|_.Description|_.Quantity|_.Vendor Name|_.Vendor P/N|_.Link|_.Unit Cost|_.Notes|_.Material|_.Alternate Vendor|
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|FV01|Meteorological Balloon 1000g|1 (1 extra recommended)|Kaymont|||$85? Waiting for a call back on price.|measured by weight of the balloon itself (800-1200 g is a good range of balloons)|Latex|longer lead time orders|
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||||Alternate supplier: Hwoee Metorological|||$89 + $16.14 shipping = $105.14|measured by weight of the balloon itself (800-1200 g is a good range of balloons).  |Latex|Quicker turn around|
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|FV02|link ring|2|Amazon|||$5.39 + $3.18 shipping = $8.57|"Don't use anything with a sharp edge. 2"" interior."|Stainless Steel||
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|FV03|"12"" 50lb Rated Zip Ties"|1 x 100 pack|Amazon|||$9.00 + free shipping|Make sure they're separated from any other zip ties. Used to hang payload(s) to comply with FAA regulations.|Nylon|"Lowes, Home Depot, etc. (Make sure to get 50 lb rating)"|
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|FV04|6' High Altitude Parachute|1|The Rocket Man|||$55 + $7.50 shipping = $62.50|Connected to the metal link ring via a zip tie. New parachute design comes down faster. More than enough for a 6 lb load.|||
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|FV05|Softside lunch cooler|1|Amazon|||$26.85||||
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|FV06|Pink foam board inside|1|Home Depot|||$25.47|2 in. x 48 in. x 8 ft. Need to find it in a smaller (less expensive) size.||"Lowes, etc."|
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|FV07|RF Tracking Beacon|1|Adept Rocketry|||$59 + $7.95|"Research ""fox hunting"". You can use a sonic beacon to help once it's on the ground."|||
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|FV08|"12"" 30lb Rated Zip Ties"|1|Lowes|||$9.25|Any 30lb rated zip tie should work. Don't use these for the payload(s).|||
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|FV10|Disposable Lithium batteries|Depends on payload|-|||-|Alkaline will freeze at altitude and die. They are a single use. Use a fresh battery.|||
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||Audible Beacon|1|Adept Rocketry|||$19.95 + $5.25 shipping = $25.20|Optional item to help locate the balloon once you get close.|||
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||Duct tape|1 roll|Lowes|||$7.97|For sealing the neck of the balloon.||