09-05-13 Shepard Hangout Follow-Up

Added by Jeremy Wright over 9 years ago

Here are the minutes for the Hardware Hangout tonight:


In short, J and I reviewed where Shepard is at compared to the annual plan. The area that we're in the "danger zone" on is the structure. We need to have a Hangout very soon, preferably with a representative from CCSSC, where we review the requirements for the structure. We also need to develop a schedule in light of this information to see where we'll end up with the resources we have available.

J also brought an oversight to light during the meeting. I'll post this in a separate thread as well, but the DAQ that we're calling Shepard v1.1, should actually be the Shepard v2.0 DAQ prototype if we were following procedure properly. Shepard v1.1 was always supposed to the most minimal rework that we could get by with, but we ended up with an overhaul (i.e. load cell and IR temp sensor) that meets our v2.0 requirements.