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Tool Bench



This project is a series of workbenches and other workshop furniture inspired by the workbenches in the Wilderness Workshop article in Make 23. The furniture in the project is sturdy, affordable, and easy to assemble. The current plans include four foot square work tables, and four foot wide benches that go against the wall for fixed placed power tools.

This work by J. Simmons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License based on a work at Make Magazine

Workbench Assembly Instructions

Assemble the top

  1. Mark framing (2x Part A) at 16" and 32" so you can line up the top's framing
  2. Assemble the top's frame (4x Part B between 2x Part A) using 2-1/2" sheetrock screws
  3. Align the clamp edges on the end of the short sides (this should create a frame that is 4'x4')
  4. Use clamps to hold the clamp edges in place and attach them to the from using 2-1/2" sheetrock screws (screw from the inside of the frame into the clamp edge)
  5. Turn the frame over and place the plywood top (Part D) on the top's frame.
  6. Attach the plywood top to the frame with 2" sheetrock screws

Attach the legs

  1. Turn the top over and attach the four legs (Part C) to the frame using 4 2-1/2" sheetrock screws.

  2. Measure 10" down from the "bottom" of the legs (currently at the top of the assembly) and mount 2 supports (Part B) across from one another using 2-1/2" sheetrock screws.
  3. Attach the last 2 supports (Part A) on the other two sides of the legs next to the first two supports using 2-1/2" sheetrock screws.

Turn over the table and enjoy

Workbench Materials

Bill of Materials

Key Number Size and Description
A 6 4'0" Pine 2x4
B 6 3'2" Pine 2x4
C 4 2'10" Pressure Treated Pine 4x4
D 1 4'0" x 4'-0" 23/32" Plywood
Box of 2-1/2" Coarse Sheetrock Screws
Box of 2" Coarse Sheetrock Screws

Cut List