Tone Ring Assembly



Safety Issues


HS-03: 18 Pole Tone Ring


1. Place Magnets

  1. Select a 18PTR-03: N52 3/16" x 3/16" Neodymium Cylinder Magnet and place it length wise into one of the slots in the 18PTR-01: 18 Pole Tone Ring Base
  2. Select another magnet and find its polarity by placing it along the outside edge so that it becomes attracted to the previous magnet
  3. Rotate the magnet from the previous step 180 degrees (so that the pole attracted to the previous magnet is facing out to create a pole pair) and place it in the next slot in the base
  4. Repeat the previous two steps until the tone ring is fully populated

3. Verify Magnet Placement

  1. Set up the Holoseat Test Stand
    1. Ensure the calibrated sensor is attached to the sensor controller
    2. Ensure the power and USB connections are all configured according to the test stand operating instructions
    3. Place the new tone ring onto the tone ring adapter
  2. Run test
    1. Clear the sensor stats
    2. Run the stepper motor 1 revolution, in a CW direction, at 30 RPM
    3. Get the sensor stats and verify the number of reported poles is 18
  3. Remove the tone ring from the tone ring adapter

4. Complete the Tone Ring

  1. Align and place the 18PTR-02: Tone Ring Cover over the 18PTR-01: 18 Pole Tone Ring Base
  2. Press the parts firmly to secure the cover to the base