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03:24 pm Holoseat Design Discussions: PCB Design and layout notes
General research into all the bits and pieces we need for laying out the alpha PCB.
2 Layer is usable with restric...


09:40 am Holoseat Design Discussions: RE: HID Gadget Testing
Specifically their build set is designed around Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS. Additional libraries may need to be instal...
09:22 am Holoseat Bug #276: Sensors are 5v logic feeding into 3.3v inputs on the controller
Was able to confirm proper voltage drop using the board. We do need to provide both 5V and 3.3V to the board, which ...
09:01 am Holoseat Design Discussions: RE: HID Gadget Testing
This builds with docker and USB Gadge...


03:01 pm Holoseat Design Discussions: RE: HID Gadget Testing
So far, still haven't gotten it to compile correctly based on the instructions in the Development entry in the discor...


04:13 pm Holoseat DMSF updated: Releases/Holoseat v0.3/HoloseatConfigurationUtility
04:06 pm Holoseat Revision 52: Updated file write of constants.h to include the license text.


08:43 am Holoseat Wiki edit: Wiki (#12)
Added link and comment about Elliptical.
08:36 am Holoseat Wiki edit: Operating_Manual (#13)
Changed UBB to USB cable.
05:56 am Holoseat Revision 51: Updated comments and altered the program to no longer use a locally included Arduino...

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