Yavin Cold Gas Thruster Wiki

Welcome to the the Yavin Thruster wiki. If you have ever wondered what makes rockets work or how engineers go about designing rocket engines, then this is the project for you. We are going to demonstrate how you can go from requirements to analysis and conceptual design (1) to detailed design (2) to manufacture (3) and ultimately test.

The Yavin Thruster is a cold gas thruster, a kind of rocket engine that creates thrust just from the energy stored in a compressed gas. Our goal is to make the Yavin Thruster accessible by anyone, so we are using modern design and manufacturing techniques (like parametric modeling, 3D printing) and commonly available components (like consumer grade air compressors).

We are still in the early phases of this project so this is a great time to jump on board. Introduce yourself on our Forums and then check out our answers to the list of Initial Questions to get an overall sense of where the project is going. Check out the Meeting Minutes/Notes for the latest news on our progress. Finally, our Export Control Review and Resources/Links have lots of good background material.

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