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Field Value
Baud Rate 57600
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bit 1

Commands are sent as JSON strings with a message ID (may be an empty string, but must be present), a URI, an HTTP verb, and possibly arguments.

Direction of 1 means CW and -1 means CCW.

Tone Ring Controller

Command Name URI Verb
Run the motor /motor PUT
{"messageId":"1000","uri":"/motor","verb":"PUT", "args":{"revolutions":1, "cadence": 30, "direction":1}}
{messageId":"1000","revolutions":1, "cadence": 29, "CW":1}

Sensor Controller

Command Name URI Verb
Get the sensor stats /stats GET
{messageId":"1000","poles":18, "maxCadence": 30, "direction":1}
Clear the sensor stats /stats DELETE
{messageId":"1000","poles":0, "maxCadence": 0, "direction":0}

Also available in: HTML TXT