Ground Sphere Kit Assembly Instructions v0.2


These instructions are designed to help you assemble a Ground Sphere ground station kit once it has arrived.


  • Common screwdriver
  • Optional: 8mm combination wrench
  • Optional: toothpick or dental pick


  • 1 ea Upper Assembly, Ground plane, and ¾”PVC to ½ NPT adapter (previously assembled)
  • 1 ea Lower Assembly (previously assembled)
  • 2 ea Aerial Loops

Safety issues

Care must be taken when working with hand tools.

Product or Outcome

A complete Ground Sphere Mk2 Ground Station.


  1. Remove all parts from the box and protective coverings.
  2. Using a common screwdriver, unscrew the outlet cover mounting screws and remove the outlet cover (ANT04).
  3. Insert the antenna line (ANT13) SMA connector through the hole in the outlet cover (ANT04).
  4. Thread the outlet cover (ANT04) on to the upper assembly threads, twisting until moderately tight.
  5. Connect the antenna line (ANT13) SMA connector to the input connector of the preamp (RAD02).
    1. Finger tight should be fine, but if the clearance is too tight to get access, use an 8mm combination wrench to turn the connector.
    2. Do not tighten beyond lightly snug, or the SMA connector may snap off the preamp (RAD02).
  6. Using a common screwdriver, reattach the outlet cover (ANT04) to the base.
  7. Place the ground plane assembly over the purple coupling section.
  8. Insert the purple coupling section into the upper assembly and press until snug.
  9. Loosen all four aerial retention screws on the aerial terminals (ANT07).
  10. Using a toothpick to push it through from the bottom, thread the conductive thread tail into the marked aerial terminal.
  11. Insert the aerial ends into opposing aerial terminals, taking care not to drop the ground lead from the ground plane.
  12. Tighten the aerial retention screws on the aerial terminals (ANT07).
  13. View the assembled unit from the top and adjust the loops to be vertical and perpendicular to each other.

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