Operating Manual

The items below have been gleaned from meeting notes and video obtained during the Far Horizons design meetings and launch.

TODO: These need to be put in the correct order and formed into a proper set of procedures. A format for the procedures needs to be decided on for this page.

Equipment Checklist

ODT (Open Document Text) and PDF versions of this checklist are available.

There are additional screen captures of the setup and launch process here. The screen captures below show the name of the video they came from, and the time to seek to within the video. This will allow you to see more detail of how a step in the process is done. Refer to the Launch Videos page for a full list of the launch day videos.

Keep in mind that you may want to do some sections of the procedures in parallel. For instance, you may want to assemble the tubular payload platform and attach the payloads while other members of your team prepare the balloon itself.

1.0 Pre-Departure Operations

These are operations that are completed before the launch and chase teams leave for the launch site.

2.0 Setup Operations

These operations cover assembling the flight vehicle and attaching the payload(s).

3.0 Launch Operations

4.0 Chase and Recovery Operations