Initial Questions v1 0

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h1. Far Horizons Project Initial Questions v1.0

Below is a list of questions and proposed answers to help define the requirements for this project retroactively. You can view the forum discussion "here":

*Q1. Why are we making this?*

*A1*. _TBD_

*Q2. Who is this for?*

*A2*. _TBD_

*Q3. How will this be used?*

*A3*. _TBD_

*Q4. What features does it need to have (now)?*

*A4*. _TBD_

*Q5. What features does it need to have (later)?*

*A5.* _TBD_

*Q6. What are the legacy requirements?*

*A6*. _TBD_

*Q7. Who's going to build this?*

*A7*. _TBD_

*Q8. How many do we want to make?*

*A8*. _One per launch (during design phase look into what components can be reused)._ launch._

*Q9. What is the budget?*

*A9.* _TBD_

*Q10. What is the timeline?*

*A10*. _N/A_

*Q11. What waste products will be produced by the manufacture and/or operation of this?*

*A11.* _TBD_