Technical documentation

Mold version 1.0

07/13/2012 08:02 pm

Solidworks files for the mold components. Designed to use 3/4" melamine board. Holes seen in boards are for holding bolts and inserts in the epoxy while it cures.

Other than the inner supports, the mold is meant to be held together by using a yet-to-be-designed external super-structure in order to extend the lifetime of the mold by avoiding repeated cycles of screwing the fragile melamine together. We are thinking about using 2x4s that the melamine is permanently fixed to that can be bolted and unbolted together.

Base Model v1

07/13/2012 07:57 pm

Solidworks file for the first version of the base for the mill.

24"x24" base
9" total height (4" work surface height, 5" pocket walls)

Made of epoxy granite (EG). Missing are the bolts and threaded inserts that will be set into the epoxy as it cures.