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Project assistance Bounty System

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mash up of craigslist, sourceforge, rent-a-coder, and a solution archive. The ideas is to have a website where "customers" can post discrete analysis, report writing, peer review, hardware build, component design requests, etc. – see http://mach30.org/blogs/jrs/2009-10-22-ispcs-2009-day-1-mission-and-methods for details. This is an attempt to discretize hardware development like wiki has discretized encyclopedia writing, enabling users to hop into a project to answer a specific need.


Updated by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

See http://fiverr.com/ for ideas about how this can work.

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Updated by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

  • Chris - sees this as also a little like stack overflow
  • J - two pieces: ability to mark anything on the site as needing help (wiki page needs writing, 3D part needs to be printed, analysis needs to be run) and have these items show up in a site wide and project level list and then how to negotiate and exchange money or barter for the service
  • Chris - this really needs more requirements analysis before we can estimate it

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