Shepard Wiki Rework

Added by Jeremy Wright almost 11 years ago

I used the Sandbox project to draft an outline that I think would also make a good landing page for this project's wiki. It needs work, but I think it's a good start on a jumping off point for someone trying to familiarize themselves with the project. I also worked to separate the two test stand versions more since I felt like they are somewhat lumped together currently. My intention is that parent-child relationships would be created to group each version's pages. I created the "overview" pages to act as the parent for each version, but I'm not sure if that's the best way to handle it. Discussion and disagreement are welcome as always of course.

I did leave out "physical architecture development" from the SEPs on the page I created. It seemed to me like we'd include that in the preliminary design. If I'm mistaken I may need some explanation on what "physical architecture development" means within the context of this project.