Initial Questions

Added by Jeremy Wright over 10 years ago

We discussed new answers to some of our initial questions during the #EngineerSpeak Hangout on 09-19-13. Should I go ahead and replace the current answers in the wiki doc with those new answers?

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RE: Initial Questions - Added by J. Simmons over 10 years ago

In looking over the minutes, I think we came to agreement on the updated answers, but I don't think we captured concise versions of the answers. I would suggest posting a first draft at the updated answers as a post in this thread to make sure we get agreement on the summarized versions of the answers. There will likely be a little bit of give and take to refine the language. Once that is done, I would take the agreed upon language over to the Initial Questions wiki page.

This process is bases on our work the first time around over in v1.0 - SEP Step 1 - Ask Questions.