Preamp Compartment On Base

Added by Jeremy Wright about 9 years ago

We're heading towards 3D printing a compartment for the preamp that will fit under the existing base of v0.2. Since the base is a repurposed exterior light mount can we use an off-the-shelf electrical box that mates to the mount?

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RE: Preamp Compartment On Base - Added by Aaron Harper about 9 years ago

The reason I am leaning toward a 3D printed solution (besides giving makes something productive to do with their tools) is that finding a water tight plastic box is proving to be a real issue.

Most of the boxes like what you listed are designed for interior use and have tabs for the romex wire to poke through. There is no way to weatherproof this, and it doesn't look like a production piece.

Most round exterior boxes are made out of die cast metal. This would be fine for the SDR, but I am worried that the LNA will short on something, or that the inductor values will change based upon proximity to a magnetically active metal. this was a possible additional issue with the Mk1 unit, though I never got the opportunity to test this theory.

Finally, there are some round plastic boxes which would mate up with the cover (, but these tend to be expensive (, and neither the preamp, the SDR, nor the cable would be secured without adding to the expense.