MOVED TO SPACE CHILES PROJECT - Current build status, 2012-07-03

Added by Greg Moran almost 12 years ago

This discussion has been moved to the Space Chiles High Altitude Balloon project .

Sourcing materials and components from Lowe's, Home Depot, and scrounging from friends.

The component that has given us the most trouble is the RF Beacon Transmitter. The supplier that was specified had the part on backorder. We have most everything else now.
Nylon material for covering the styrofoam payload case:

Recovery Parachute:

Styrofoam Payload Case:

some of the payload components (New Mexico Green Chili Seeds, and Sonic Beacon):

Tracking receivers:

The weather balloon is enroute. Delivery is scheduled for Friday.

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RE: Current build status, 2012-07-03 - Added by Jeremy Wright almost 12 years ago

Greg - Will the beacon be available in time for your target launch date(s)? If not, will any of these plans work for you?

I'm not sure what kind of range the low power version of these has, but it might be worth checking into.